The next time you want to take the family, friends, clients or employees

You might be planning for the holiday season to a tour of nature with family, friends, and employees of your office, so you are planning a fishing vacation is fun, but you do not know how the fishing techniques and seek spot fish that you can make a great base to get a lot of fish, there it helps you learn in your fishing guide port aransas. In general, freshwater fishing is more affected by water conditions. Some freshwater fish are very fond of running water, such as rivers, some types of fish are also a very fond spot with calm water, even water in conditions that are not too deep.

If fishing in calm water conditions usually found in reservoirs, swamps, puddles, etc. vast paddy fields. In spots like this usually freshwater fish such as cork, Nila,  etc. liked it very much. Usually, also on spot conditions such as these fish prefer to play on the edges that have shrubs and water plants. Even freshwater fish such as Cork really liked the area where the water was a bit, however, lots of wild herbs and there are branches of the trees. If the dam is usually the fish will look for a place that has such high oxygen levels fall below the water from the dam and around the dam. Nila and Mujair usually very easy to detect. Usually, scaly fish will be seen the edge-the edge of the reservoir to look for food especially is still small.